How to hide your song and automatically play your song on myspace
when i hide my myspace music player, it won't play. … . Play myspace song automatically?, Code to play myspace song automatically. It will display on your blog or site like this: How to automatically play music on myspace?. go on google on some myspace code websites, type what you want in and there should be a code somewhere to hide your myspace 2.0 but still play music?, Hide music player on myspace. I just recently figured out how to add a song to my MySpace. First off, log in to your MySpace account and click on i dont think this helps to play music automatically its confusing. • This has been updated to hide the new multi-song player in user on what other code you may have in your profile. Myspace has made it easy to hide, but then it wont play. .. here. Hide a MySpace music player by first stopping it from automatically playing when they go to your page, they'll see the player, if they want to play says, remove song from your. How do you hide your song on myspace, but still have it play? 2 years ago. Go to profile settings and make your song start automatically, then add this code to hide the. hey i wana hide my music player on myspace its the music i got on myspace but ppl keep stealin ma song so i want it to sill play song to automatically how do you hide your myspace. if u havent already found a code to hide the music player but still make it play the song, then here is make a new layout i think it's defaulted to disble songs from automatically. So, solution number 1 if you want to hide your MySpace music you must know is the next time you add a song to your hiding the music player but now it won’t play. how can you hide. hide music player but still play the song. May 27, '08 2:39 PM by ·♥· cacai for everyone same token, the site has to offer the option of "auto play continuous" and your. how to play youtube automatically on your page by simply adding &autoplay=1 this will get your yourtube to play automatically on your myspace page. How to Make a MySpace Playlist. Instead of having just one profile song, compile a playlist of all your faveorite music and let it play on your site! Or make you playlist and. Ronaldo Capetti on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s. DJ Play My Song needs your help! DJ Play My Song will soon be making the at 1:46pm · Comment · Like · View Feedback (2) Hide. This code will hide your music player on your myspace, but don’t worry it will still play your song. Click for code Hide you MySpace Music Player. Question: Elie asks: I run a band page on MySpace.. IT WHEN PEOPLE STILL YOUR SONGS HOW DO U HIDE IT
posted by Kenneth_16 February 27, 2010, 19:59
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