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A Page about hide details section,myspace tweaks,free myspace tweaks,myspace free tweaks. Tweak your MySpace Profile. One of the many sections you can hide on Myspace. The URL Box is one of the most useless. MySpace Tweak Site has tweaks for your myspace profile and friendster profile, codes, images, myspace tweaks for everyone. Do you need to hide parts of your myspace profile? We have tons of myspace tweaks & hide codes for your myspace profile. Myspace hide Codes, just copy & paste the myspace hide code. MySpace tweak to hide your friends area. Modify your MySpace page to hide your friends area by copying and pasting some simple code. Brought to you by MySpace Core.com. Welcome to MyspaceCodeTo.com. We are the best source for customizing your Myspace profile. Your profile doesn't have to look like everyone elses. MySpace Hide the Details Section, Myspace layouts, Myspace Tweaks, Music video codes, Layout Generator. Get up to 500 new friends a day at this whore train! MySpace Tweaks. Hide Extended Network. Myspace Tweaks - Hide Network Box.Change the layouts and functions of your myspace page with these tweaks. This guide will show you how to hide your URL box on your MySpace page. Hide Contact Box Code for Myspace, to alter your profile. GrownUpGeek.com has free Myspace Tweaks, codes layouts and more! Download free myspace layouts backgrounds profiles pictures codes and more. Place this code as follows to hide your friends and comments. Myspace Tweaks *Note: Codes Listed on this page are for 1.0 profiles. Click Here for 2.0. - Hide your Myspace URL - Hide Blog - Hide Contact Box - Hide Everything - Hide Friends
posted by matt December 26, 2009, 03:48
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