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Optimus Touch – a $109 iPod Touch knock-off. Posted by: Michael on Dec 11, 2007. The Optimus Touch is a cheap iPod Touch knock-off fresh from China that is now available for $109 . A company by the name of Sonix7 revealed recently some MP3 players which look a lot like iPods. They are called, appropriately enough, the Nano Pro and Touch Pro and you'll find. iPod touch; iPod touch Accessories; iPhone; iPhone Accessories; Your Account. The Taipei Times has an article on the iPod knock-offs in Taiwan. “These rip-offs can cost. This iPod Touch rip-off has been on sale at Amazon since July 30th, so it’s probably more. Correction: If this was available a month ago, that makes the IPod Touch the knock-off. Read - The most massive iPod touch knockoff you ever did see. Ok, so it's probably not that. I clicked onward to find that they even attempted to make an N-Gage knock-off. iPod question: Can the MP4 iPod knock offs use iTunes and get the apps? No, they don't use the same. How do you use use a itunes card then bye an app on a iPod Touch? Go to the. First cheap iPod Touch knock off clone Says: September 7th, 2007 at 10:52 am [. ] no. Although that’s what PMP Today is calling it - pointing out it’s been available on. I would love to see an iPod Touch with a camera for those of us who can’t afford the iPhone, and feel lowly having a camera-less iPod. The Chinese have a knock-off of the iPhone. A 15-year-old iPod Touch user did not have all that much fun with to faulty mobile phone batteries that are often cheap knock-offs added by the user. The battery on the iPod Touch. Cult of Mac: a blog about the Mac, the iPod, the iPhone of Apple’s recent devices (iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch [. ]. One of the comments to his post suggested that cheap knock-offs. The “in-touch” iPod touch knock off mp4 player is one of many reviews we do here on Overclockershq based on knock offs of well known gadgets. Ipod touch knock off review Funny thing about the iPod Touch it's a first class movie and music player, a second. Or they're derivative knock offs of one good game or t'other, but good luck trying to find. Cue the iPad Knock-Offs! - What you’re gaping at above are shiny white and black, click. App Store; iPad; iPod Touch. Optimus Touch clones iPod touch near $100 mark. Just like those second-generation Nano Chinese knock-offs you can buy at those cheap. Chinese iPhone Knock-Offs Reaching Western Shores? - While Apple has relaxed its grip on a. App Store; iPad; iPod Touch. We got on our hands the Google Nexus One and the HTC Touch HD2. Two gorgeous smartphones asus eee pc canon dslr astone intel nokia e63 msi wind u100 ms sony philippines ipod nano laptop. Knock offs that work/charge my iPhone fine so far. Paid under a dollar for them when. Do not buy this item if you own an iphone 3g or an ipod touch 3g This item does not work. Don't be fooled by poor quality knock-offs. Get the classic version of the original Ghost portable application designed to detect paranormal activity for the iPhone, iPod touch. The entry level 8GB iPod touch now costs $199 ($30 off), the 32 GB model costs $299 ($100. They can go buy the cheap knock-offs and tell everyone how much better they think they. Win Brand New 8GB iPod Touch; Life Before The Birth of Computer; Trailer Teaser willing to take the risk are making lucrative earnings from flogging these knock-offs.
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